Unleashing the Power of Partnership: Young Challengers Program 2023

The Young Challengers Program 2023 is dedicated to nurturing youth entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, fostering the next generation of industry leaders who are committed to driving social change. Building on the success of previous editions, the program has formed partnerships with like-minded organizations that share their vision of a new paradigm of business—one that emphasizes social impact alongside economic success and embraces empathetic and purpose-driven leadership.

In line with this mission, the Young Challengers Program 2023 proudly announces its transformative collaborations with esteemed organizations. These partnerships represent a significant step forward in creating a future where business and societal well-being go hand in hand. Working closely with these visionary companies and their intrapreneurship programs, the young challengers will embark on an extraordinary journey aimed at fostering positive change and shaping a better world.


Together, these exceptional partnerships harness the boundless energy and innovative spirit of youth, creating an unstoppable force for transformation. Let us explore the immense potential and inspiring possibilities that lie ahead as we join forces with these organizations in our shared mission to build a brighter future.


  • Grameen Communications: Grameen Communications, established by Nobel laureate Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, is a leading IT solutions provider in Bangladesh. Operating under the principles of social business, it offers affordable IT services to the rural poor and non-profit organizations nationwide. With a range of software products, including the renowned MicFina, Grameen Communications supports microfinance institutions and contributes to uplifting millions of people from poverty. Their partnership with Young Challengers Program brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront of social impact.

  • Grameen Shakti: Grameen Shakti is a trailblazing social business founded by Nobel Laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus. Since its inception, it has installed over 1.7 million Solar Home Systems, implemented domestic biogas plants, and introduced improved cooking stoves. Currently, Grameen Shakti is expanding its clean energy solutions, including solar rooftop systems, irrigation systems, and electric vehicles. By providing environmentally friendly alternatives, they are transforming the energy landscape and contributing to sustainable development.

  • OneStepForward: OneStepForward is a mentoring program dedicated to fostering innovation and academic support within the labour market. By providing personalized guidance and networking opportunities, the program facilitates the inclusion of refugee students into the local workforce. Through a peer-to-peer approach, mentees and mentors contribute to each other's success, creating a transformative human experience.

  • Numétique: Numétique is a social project that focuses on understanding and reducing the carbon emissions generated by digital assets. Through their eco-design approach, they help organizations raise awareness, conduct diagnostics, and guide the transformation process towards decarbonizing digital activities. With their mission aligned to sustainable development goals, Numétique contributes to responsible consumption, climate action, and the pursuit of zero carbon emissions. Their collaboration with the Young Challengers Program showcases the importance of digital sustainability in creating a better world.

The Young Challengers Program 2023 is honoured to partner with these remarkable organizations, each playing a vital role in advancing social impact and sustainable development.

In the upcoming chapters of this extraordinary journey, the young challengers will embark on a collaborative endeavor with visionary organizations, engaging in a profound exchange of knowledge, sharing ideas, and making a collective impact. Within the Young Challengers Program 2023, these partnerships hold the potential for an extraordinary voyage, where passion, innovation, and collective efforts will unlock a world of possibilities.

As these young changemakers take each step forward, they contribute to the creation of equitable, sustainable, and inspiring organizations for refugees. The challenges before them are compelling:

1. How can businesses measure and offset their digital CO2 emissions? 

In an increasingly digital and hybrid work environment, it is crucial to address the rise in digital carbon footprint. The challenge is to develop a B2B social business service that monitors and offsets CO2 digital emissions.  

2. How can we accelerate the inclusion of young refugees and immigrants in the job market? 

Newcomers face numerous barriers when starting afresh in a different country, including language obstacles, qualifications, and unemployment. The challenge is to create innovative models that facilitate social inclusion at scale through social business initiatives. 

3. How can we ensure that green mobility solutions work in emerging economies? 

While green energy solutions are gaining traction globally, the delivery model and long-term impact on the energy infrastructure of emerging economies pose significant concerns, particularly in the Global South. The challenge is to develop a social business plan for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, beginning with a pilot project in Bangladesh. 

4. How can you market digital microfinance solutions to hard-to-reach areas? 

Reaching potential clients with digital products in remote and underserved regions presents a unique set of challenges for social businesses. Marketing strategies effective in urban areas with internet access may not be viable in rural settings with limited connectivity. Scaling digital solutions in microfinance becomes even more challenging. The challenge is to design a digital social business model that markets microfinance services to women in rural areas. 

Through their work on these challenges, the young challengers will contribute to the construction of a more inclusive and sustainable world. As the stage is set and the journey awaits, the convergence of partnership and the potential of these young visionaries will shape a future defined by positive change.