Meet the Inspiring Mentors of The Young Challengers Program 2023

The Young Challengers Program (YCP) 2023 is a transformative journey that empowers young changemakers to make a lasting impact on society. One of the key factors that sets YCP apart, is the exceptional group of mentors guiding and inspiring the scholarship winners throughout their learning journey. Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable mentors who are enriching the program with their expertise and passion:
  1. Reza Solhi  

Reza Solhi is not your typical economist; he is an award-winning economist, speaker, trainer, and artist. With over 11 years of experience in innovative education and training, Reza has conceptualized and implemented more than 200 educational projects. He possesses a unique ability to engage and inspire audiences, having reached over 500,000 people through hybrid educational formats. Reza's inspiring and motivating approach has earned him recognition, and he continues to captivate audiences with his lectures and show acts. As a mentor in the YCP 2023, Reza brings a fresh perspective to the table, encouraging young challengers to think creatively and make a positive impact through their endeavours. 


  1. Istiak Ahmed Mondal  

Istiak Ahmed Mondal is an IT expert with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of technology. Currently working as Assistant General Manager and Solution Architect at Grameen Communication, Istiak's journey in the IT industry started over a decade ago. With an impressive educational background, including a master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Istiak has honed his skills in software development and services. He has been instrumental in developing core banking solutions and Oracle database administration. As a mentor in the YCP 2023, Istiak brings his technical expertise and insights to guide young challengers in utilizing technology to drive social change and make a meaningful impact. 


  1. Noa Segre  

Noa Segre is a true global strategist with an extensive background in technology and venture capital. With over 20 years of experience, Noa's journey has taken her from the technology unit of the Israeli Army to startups and leading venture capital funds. Her expertise lies in ecosystem building, strategic planning, investor relations, and innovation. As an advocate for technology for social change and diversity for excellence, Noa's involvement in various leadership programs and workshops reflects her commitment to making a positive difference. As a mentor in the YCP 2023, Noa shares her global perspective and knowledge in strategic planning, empowering young challengers to create sustainable and impactful ventures. 


  1. Marcio Orsolini  

Marcio Orsolini is a passionate advocate for social impact and racial justice. With a background in Business Marketing and expertise in business innovation, he has been involved in various initiatives aimed at empowering communities and promoting positive change. Currently serving as a Strategic Partner Manager at Meta, leading the Community Accelerator in Latin America, Marcio focuses on bridging technology and social impact to empower community leaders. His dedication to storytelling and generating positive impact resonates deeply with the YCP 2023 scholars, inspiring them to create meaningful solutions that address societal challenges. 


  1. Shervin Ghorbani  

Shervin Ghorbani is a dedicated advocate for climate action and sustainability. As the Consultancy Team Lead at ClimatePartner, he is actively involved in enabling businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and achieve Net-Zero goals. Shervin's expertise extends to designing educational formats for Sustainable Development Goals and conducting workshops on circular economy and social aspects of sustainability. His passion for art and culture further fuels his belief in the transformative power of storytelling. As a mentor in the YCP 2023, Shervin inspires young challengers to integrate sustainable practices into their ventures and contribute to building a greener and more inclusive world. 


  1. Mathieu Reiser 

Coming from Belgium and currently working in Luxembourg, Mathieu is on a profound journey of meaningful contribution. As an advocate for inclusion and empowering newcomers (refugees), his commitment to a people-centric approach shines through. With vast experience in NGO work and managing projects, Mathieu's guidance will nurture participants' ideas and solutions for a more inclusive society with equal opportunities.  


  1. Abdul Arif 

An expert in Bangladesh's clean energy industry, Abdul has dedicated over nine years to promoting sustainable practices and addressing pressing global challenges. As a project manager for Grameen Shakti, he has been instrumental in implementing renewable energy solutions that positively impact communities. His passion for environmental sustainability and a just transition will undoubtedly inspire YCP participants to make a meaningful difference. 


These are the exceptional mentors who will be guiding the Young Challengers Program 2023 participants on their transformative journey. Each mentor brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and purpose, aligning perfectly with YCP's mission to create a network of changemakers committed to building a better and more sustainable world. The Young Challengers Program 2023 is a transformative initiative, designed to empower young leaders and equip them with the essential skills, profound insights, and boundless inspiration necessary to drive positive change and create a lasting impact on society.

But this program goes beyond empowering young leaders; it plays a crucial role in contributing to the social business community and nurturing the next generation of social business leaders worldwide. Through their generous volunteer efforts, our incredible mentors not only provide their expertise but also dedicate their time and energy to train the future pioneers of the social business landscape. 

As the Young Challengers Program 2023 takes flight, we eagerly anticipate sharing more updates and insights from these remarkable mentors. It is their unwavering commitment that makes this initiative a reality and grants visibility to their invaluable contributions. Join us in celebrating these mentors, as they pave the way for a brighter and more promising future for society and the social business sphere.