Unlocking Excellence: BNP Paribas Participants in the Young Challengers Program 2023

The Young Challengers Program (YCP) has always been a platform that nurtures and empowers young intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs from around the world. Every year, the Young Challengers work hard with their own stories, dreams, and commitment to make a positive difference in the world.

The YCP 2023 is no exception, with a cohort of remarkable individuals from BNP Paribas joining the ranks. These talented professionals from various corners of the globe are set to embark on a journey that promises growth, learning, and the opportunity to foster change on a global scale. Let's meet the 2023 batch of BNP Paribas participants who are all set to make their mark on the world: 




Yannick's journey spans across diverse fields, from his role as a consultant at Arval Belgium to being the president of a local orchestra and the community council. A true collaborator at heart, Yannick's passion lies in bringing people from different backgrounds together to rally behind common goals. His leadership, combined with his love for music and community development, makes him a force to be reckoned with. 



Milyausha's dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is truly inspiring. With a strong background in business consulting, she now focuses on integrating sustainability principles into the DNA of organizations. Her passion for sustainability is reflected not only in her professional endeavors but also in her active participation in BNPP Group programs centered around sustainability. 


3. Elena ROSSI, ITALY 

Elena is a critical thinker and process expert at BNL, BNP Paribas. Her determination to challenge herself is evident both in her work and personal life. Whether managing projects or practicing yoga, Elena constantly seeks excellence. Her unwavering commitment to improvement and her willingness to challenge the status quo make her a valuable addition to the cohort. 



Hailing from the Luxembourg countryside, Laura is a private banker with a heart for community service. Her love for nature and animals extends to her voluntary work, including supporting a local wild animal shelter. As a private banker, she thrives on building client relationships and guiding them through their financial journeys. 



Sabrina's zest for new experiences defines her. Her willingness to embrace challenges led her on a humanitarian trip to India, where she contributed to underprivileged communities. Sabrina's adaptability, willingness to learn, and global perspective are qualities that promise to enrich the YCP cohort. 



Anouk's dynamic personality mirrors her multifaceted interests. From working as an Account Manager at Arval Belgium to actively engaging in cultural and volunteering endeavors, Anouk's passion for diverse experiences shines. Her curiosity about the world and her dedication to learning from different cultures make her a perfect addition to the YCP cohort. 



Tristan's journey from France to Sweden speaks volumes about his adaptability and openness to new experiences. An actuarial manager by profession, Tristan's move to Sweden kindled a passion for gender equality and sustainability. His recent participation in a sustainability leadership course from Cambridge reflects his commitment to contributing positively to the world. 



Alice's journey within BNP Paribas has been a testament to her enthusiasm for innovation. As part of BivwAk!, the innovation hub of BNP Paribas, Alice's role in driving digital transformation, environmental awareness, and new ways of working highlights her commitment to positive change. Her role as a Digital & Sustainable Project manager positions her as a catalyst for the Group's transformation journey. 



Ana's career within BNP Paribas has been marked by her interest in social responsibility and ESG initiatives. From her diverse roles across different departments, Ana's dedication to making a meaningful impact is evident. Her involvement with NGOs and personal initiatives like Surfrider foundation showcase her commitment to driving change both within and beyond the workplace. 


10. Mathilde BLANC, FRANCE 

Mathilde's journey as a Branch Manager in a picturesque French city reflects her passion for fostering connections and promoting small businesses. Her involvement in a businesswomen association and her project to support local artisans demonstrate her commitment to empowering communities. Mathilde's vision of ethical business aligns perfectly with YCP's mission of creating meaningful change. 


11. Bruno Alexandre SANTOS, PORTUGAL 

Bruno's dynamism and his ability to establish connections quickly are hallmarks of his persona. As an IT Team Manager, he balances self-development with supporting others, showcasing his dedication to personal growth while positively impacting those around him. His enthusiasm for collaboration makes him a promising addition to the YCP community. 


12. Nirmal Kumar GUPTA, INDIA 

Nirmal's journey is a testament to his diverse experiences and strong values. Hailing from India, his foundation in ethics and values is evident in his approach to his Compliance Officer role at BNP Paribas. His passion for technology and his aspiration to empower his team exemplify his dedication to driving change at both a professional and personal level. 


13. Sohamjit MUKHERJEE, SPAIN 

Sohamjit's journey from an engineering background to becoming a RISK Data Analyst highlights his pursuit of knowledge and innovation. His passion for analytics, coupled with his interest in sustainability, culminate in his aspiration to make a meaningful impact at the intersection of finance and ESG. His commitment to constant learning and his dedication to driving positive change align seamlessly with YCP's mission. 


14. Ilaria MAZZA, ITALY 

Ilaria's curiosity and enthusiasm define her journey. As a Management Controller at BNP Paribas, she thrives in stimulating environments and embraces challenges wholeheartedly. Her determination to grow, coupled with her optimistic and team-oriented approach, positions her as a catalyst for collaborative problem-solving and social impact within the organization. 



Valter's commitment to social awareness and problem-solving defines his role as a Referential Team Manager at BNP Paribas. With a degree in corporate finance, he sees the banking system's impact on daily lives and believes in leveraging his problem-solving skills for broader humanity upliftment. His engagement with social impact and his desire to find answers to complex questions make him a formidable YCP participant. 


Rhett's journey from journalism to becoming a Content Manager at BNP Paribas reflects his curiosity and passion for innovation and sustainability. He possesses a unique ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, making him a valuable asset in driving awareness for the Group's commitments. His enthusiasm to contribute more directly aligns seamlessly with YCP's mission. 



Marine's involvement in various social actions demonstrates her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact. From humanitarian work with autistic children to mentoring, she consistently strives to make a difference in others' lives. Her passion for new technologies and sustainability, coupled with her focus on eco-friendly practices, showcases her commitment to driving positive change. 



Noufel's journey through various roles within BNP PARIBAS EL DJAZAIR speaks to his dedication to finance and banking. With a strong foundation in financial analysis and project financing, he's consistently found innovative solutions to meet customers' needs. His creative and organized approach positions him as a catalyst for driving business opportunities while staying aligned with the bank's strategy. 


19. Raphaela WASCHNIG, United Kingdom 

Raphaela's journey embodies the drive to 'do the right thing.' From joining the Compliance Graduate Programme to her involvement in ESG initiatives, she consistently works to mitigate compliance risks associated with emerging technologies. Her experience volunteering in Fiji ignited a sense of appreciation and a commitment to making a difference. Beyond work, her love for yoga, running, and competitive tennis further underscores her proactive and dynamic approach. 


Within the vibrant landscape of the Young Challengers Program (YCP), the representatives from BNP Paribas shine as champions of change. Their diverse backgrounds, coupled with a shared drive for progress, beautifully embody the program's very spirit. 


Spanning from Belgium to India, their stories reverberate with passion, innovation, and an unshakable commitment to a better future. Yet, these aren't mere observers; they are enthusiastic drivers of positive transformation. 


What sets these exceptional participants apart is their unceasing effort to revolutionize the business world from the inside out, cultivating sustainability and showcasing a steadfast dedication to the realm of social enterprise. Day by day, they weave sustainable practices into the fabric of business, underlining their unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. 


As we delve into their profiles, we are reminded of the potential within each individual to shape tomorrow. Stay tuned to our social media channels for real-time updates on their journey. Let's celebrate these Young Challengers as they navigate new challenges, build collaborations, and create a roadmap for lasting impact.