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Unlocking Excellence: BNP Paribas Participants in the Young Challengers Program 2023

The Young Challengers Program (YCP) has always been a platform that nurtures and empowers young intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs from around the world. Every year, the Young Challengers work

Meet the Inspiring Mentors of The Young Challengers Program 2023

The Young Challengers Program (YCP) 2023 is a transformative journey that empowers young changemakers to make a lasting impact on society. One of the key factors that sets YCP apart, is the

Addressing social and environmental problems through System Thinking: from Praxis to Theory with Social Business

In this article we would like to guide you towards some of the systems thinking techniques that we use in our projects to understand complex problems and global issues that our community

9 Hacks to Succeed as a Social Business Entrepreneur

Starting and growing a social business is a complex journey, especially in the rapidly changing world we are living in but it can also be one of the most beautiful journeys you will embark

Social Business Immersion Visit to Bangladesh

As the world becomes increasingly connected, businesses have a greater responsibility to operate in a socially responsible manner.At The Grameen Creative Lab, as a catalyst for social

Unleashing the Power of Partnership: Young Challengers Program 2023

The Young Challengers Program 2023 is dedicated to nurturing youth entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, fostering the next generation of industry leaders who are committed to driving