Young Challengers Program

A program for the Socially Conscious Business Leaders for Industry 4.0

The Young Challengers Program is a global training program to create the social business leaders of today. This hybrid program teaches potential young leaders how to find their purpose and supports them to solve a real-life social business challenge in a diverse group. 

Young Challengers Program


The Young Challengers Program uses an active learning technique to help the challengers develop critical skills for Industry 4.0. It is a training program, a journey, and a challenge designed to be an experience of a lifetime. It started as a Young Challengers meeting during the Global Social Business Summit. It was a day-long parallel event where challengers created and pitched their social business ideas in front of a jury. As the pandemic hit and the world went online, we started wondering how we can turn this challenge into an opportunity and came up with the idea of having an in-depth training program for Young Challengers across the world to come together for a common challenge. Thus the Young Challengers Program was born in 2021 as a hybrid training program designed for anyone who wants to be a social business entrepreneur or develop a social business mindset. 


The program is a two-month-long hybrid training program in which participants collaborate remotely on a social business idea/solution and pitch it live at the Global Social Business Summit.


YCP in numbers


132 Challengers so far 

36 countries and 8 regions worldwide 

25 ideas formulated 



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Interested participants of the Young Challengers Program 2023, keep an eye on our pages to see when applications for next year open.