Bring Social Business in Companies: Acceleration and Incubation Programs


We encourage companies to join our social business ecosystem through our acceleration and incubation programs. While bringing innovation with a positive social impact we help companies to increase customer loyalty, attract and retain talent.



Our acceleration and incubation programs are 360° and they focus on


  •          1:1 consultancy and tailormade approach focused on growth and quick scale up.
  •            Strong social-focused ecosystem with a partnership approach where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can find a support network to scale up and flourish.
  •           Impact measurement assessment. 
  •           Involving also intrapreneurs/employees of company partners to bring the social business mindset and results inside companies.


Our ad hoc consulting Method 

We help intrapreneurs identifying the socio-environmental problems to solve with their business through systems thinking techniques and support the impact measurement process.

We don´t bring solutions but tricks to grow fast: we guide and empower the intrapreneur to test, analyze, reiterate their business model with design sprints for frugal innovation and growth hacking techniques.

We focus on making the business model financially sustainable and involve the internal and external community of Grameen and of the Bank to support the project


Advantages for the company:

With our programs your company will create an ecosystem that promotes innovation, increases efficiency, fosters an entrepreneurial culture, and activates your internal ESG Framework with social business. This will allow you to tell an impact story as a brand next to a profit story.

As we focus on quick acceleration and scale up where we provide a structured framework for idea generation, prototyping, and testing, the projects grow and become tangible very quickly either inside or outside the company. As a result, you will stay competitive and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Last, but not least, we connect and engage the international community and network of the Grameen world with the intrapreneur, providing visibility inside and outside the company.


Discover our incubation and acceleration program with BNP Paribas.


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