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Tuğba Küpeli

Program Manager

With a strong interest in fair social and economic development and a passion to explore different countries, cultures and traditions, Tuğba had the privilege of experiencing and growing up in two distinct cultures and has lived in Germany, Kenya, Australia and Liechtenstein. She has an educational background in Economics (B.Sc.) and Entrepreneurship and Management (M.Sc.) and is on a mission to address social/environmental problems in order to solve them with the help of new business opportunities. Moreover, she is interested to show the new generation of entrepreneurs – the youth – how viable social business models can be and how they can be used to craft effective and sustainable solutions for society. \nIn her free time Tuğba loves being around people and having a good and deep conversation. Moreover, she loves outdoor activities. After 20 years of track and field and participating in numerous contests that tested her skills in running, jumping and throwing, Tuğba has decided to train for a half marathon. Tuğba is a great asset to our Team – open, communicative, conscientious and energetic – we are happy to have her as a team member.