Systems Thinking Workshop - IOC Young Leaders and Yunus Sports Hub

Systems thinking is a fixed set of synergistic and cognitive methods used to enhance the capability of recognizing and comprehending the complexities in structures, forecasting their behaviors, and introducing specific changes to them so that it will produce preferred effects with the most quantity and highest efficiency. Systems Thinking is one of the methodologies that allow practitioners to apprehend how accurately factors or institutions of factors present inside a selected gadget or information set, have an impact on one or any other components present in the system, and the way their respective moves coordinate with each other. 

At The Grameen Creative Lab, like some academics and practitioners, we have been using systems thinking to introduce new educational systems and to assess the socio and environmental problems that social business tries to solve through the lenses of a set of assessable, interlinked, and comprehensible mechanisms. 

Across the world, IOC Young Leaders are working to solve various social issues through sport and sport-based social entrepreneurship.

We designed and facilitated a systems thinking workshop with the IOC Young Leaders. Conducted by our amazing Nafisa Islam Fariba and Tu─čba Küpeli, the workshop focused on how to use systems thinking techniques for understanding complex social and environmental challenges to provide solutions and resolve problems.

Workshop organized by: Yunus Sports Hub